FIFA Approves 48 Team World Cup For 2026

FIFA’s governor council on Tuesday, January 10, approved an expansion of the World Cup to 48 teams in 2026.

“The FIFA Council unanimously decided on a 48-team #WorldCup as of 2026: 16 groups of 3 teams,” a tweet from FIFA’s official account said.

This is the first time since the 1998 World Cup that changes have been made to the make-up of the tournament, with the 2026 competition set to feature 16 groups of three.

The decision was taken with a format of 16 groups of three nations.

FIFA president Infantino had preferred option for change was for a 2026 competition featuring the 16 groups followed by a 32-team knockout round, increasing the number of games from 64 to 80 but remaining inside a 32-day schedule.