Saudi Arabia Bans FC Barcelona Shirts With Possible €130,000 Fine And Prison Sentence

By Olufunke Olorunfemi

S/Arabia, (An24)- Saudi Arabia have banned FC Barcelona shirts in the country, with anyone caught wearing one facing a possible fine of €135,000 and an accompanying 15-year prison sentence.

The new law follows the cutting and breakdown of diplomatic relations in the region between themselves and Qatar, who the Saudi Kingdom this week accused of being supporters of ISIS.

Resultingly, and bizarrely, Saudi Arabia have now moved to punish Barca’s shirt sponsors of the last four years, Qatar Airways whose company logo adorns the Spanish clubs kit as well as other training and promotional gear.

According to Sky in Italy, those now caught wearing the shirt with the Qatar Airways wording may now face a 15-year prison sentence and an €135,000 fine, with other countries that have sided with Saudi Arabia in the dispute set to follow suit, including Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.

Although Barcelona are to now play with the logo of Japanese company Rakuten following a four-year sponsorship deal, it is believed wearing a Barca jersey of any sorts in the Middle East could get fans in trouble.