Rice truck crashes into house, kills infant, others

No fewer than eight persons, including a nursing mother and her baby , have been crushed to death in Nasarawa by a truck conveying 600 bags of rice .

The rice consignment, it was learnt, belonged to the National Emergency Management Agency in Idadu community , Doma Local Government Area of Nasarawa State .

Northern City News learnt that the accident happened on Monday morning .
According to eyewitnesses , the driver of the truck, who was suspected to be drunk , lost control of the vehicle , crashing it into two houses along the road .

Apart from the nursing mother and her baby , others who died in the accident included a woman identified as Omo Talatu , an unidentified Tiv woman and the conductor of the truck.

One of the affected houses belonged to a man identified as Mr . Danjuma Omaku , whose aged mother , Otunsha , just passed away .

Omaku said most of the victims of the accident were people who paid him a condolence visit .

Omaku said , “Majority of those that died in my abode were sympathisers who came to condole with me over the demise of my mother .

They were at my compound when the truck lost control and crashed into the house .”
A survivor , Mr . Abdullahi Wanzan , in an interview with Northern City News on Thursday, attributed his escape to luck.

An eyewitness , Danjuma Ibrahim , said he heard noises and saw the truck crashing into two houses nearby.

“I heard people shouting and I had to run for my life , but before I knew what was going on , some people were hit by the fast -moving truck which lost control and in the process crashed into two houses nearby,” he said .

Omaku called on the government and the truck owner to assist his family as they had lost their shelter.

“I lost over five rooms, including shops , and I have nowhere else to go to,” he lamented .

Some of those who were wounded in the accident were said to have been taken to Doma General Hospital and others to the Primary Health Care Clinic in Igbabu .