2019 And The Politics Of Campaign Finance, by Reuben Abati

Each Governor was reportedly asked by the ruling All Progressives Congress to bring N250 million ahead of the party’s National Convention. When the public protested, recently, the party disclaimed the news even if it added that it was the responsibility of members to pay outstanding dues. The APC needs N6 billion for its pre-election Convention.…

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The Three Storms: Politics, Religion and Economy, Will Democracy Survive?

By Gabriel Akinadewo Greetings. I want to thank the management of Integrity Reporters for this opportunity to address these eminent personalities. We are here today to discuss Nigeria. As patriotic Nigerians, we must always ask ourselves: is Nigeria working? Why is our politics different from the way it is played in other countries? Why are…

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2019: Nigeria’s Emerging Political Leaders, by Reuben Abati

A strong indication of both the quality and failure of politics in Nigeria, as the people look forward to the next general elections in 2019, is the manner in which virtually “every” Nigerian believes that he or she is good enough to be President of Nigeria. This may speak to a deepening of political consciousness,…

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