The Abuja-Kaduna Airports- A Testimony By Reuben Abati

I have just returned from Abuja travelling through the Kaduna airport. As we disembarked from the aircraft and moved towards the arrival section, I could hear an announcement being made. The diction of the announcer was clear. She didn’t sound like those On-Air-Personalities (OAP, they are called) who speak as if they have hot water…

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The Rivers Of Blood In Asaba By Femi Fani-Kayode

This essay is about one of the most horrific events that has ever taken place in our history and one of the most graphic examples of ethnic cleansing that took place during our civil war. It is an event which mortified the civilised world and which brought our nation and Armed Forces opprobium, disdain, contempt…

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Much Ado About Saraki By Omoniyi Idowu

It is a shame that a party that enjoyed popular votes in the last elections is, like a snake, determined to destroy itself from the inside. And then it is true the saying that when two elephants fight, the green grass suffers. Unfortunately in our own case, our grass is not green. It’s now a…

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