I Think Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is better

Nigeria has lost his glory, what we are living on now is “glory of the past”. Our politicians has turned Nigeria to football pitch where they play their ball of “personal ambition”. Imagine someone who ruled during military savages on our dear homeland, coming back to rule despite his age, lack of ideal qualifications. Until…

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Impunity Rides Again By Wole Soyinka

It is happening all over again. History is repeating itself and, alas, within such an agonizingly short span of time. How often must we warn against the enervating lure of appeasement in face of aggression and will to dominate! I do not hesitate to draw attention to Volume III of my INTERVENTION Series,and to the…

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Tambuwal: Leader, Mentor, Visionary Clocks 52

By Imam Imam Six years ago, five young Nigerians graduated from Usmanu Danfodio University with a bachelor’s degree in Law and were on the verge of missing admission into the Nigerian Law School due to lack of finances. Over dinner, it was mentioned to the then Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Aminu Waziri…

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