The Publicity secretary of Ondo state PDP, Mr. Banji Okunomo has described the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a party that enjoys telling the people of the state lies in order to discredit the state government.
He made this statement when speaking with journalists on Tuesday and also denied an accusation by APC that certain members of the People’s Democratic Party National working committee including Mr. Olisa Methu, the National Publicity secretary of the party were on the payroll of the state government
Okunomo said, “This allegation is also absolutely criminal as it is intended to tarnish the credibility of both the state government and the personality of Olisa Metuh. It is also criminal as it is not only libelous but false information which carries a jail term.”
The party claimed that the accusations were mere hearsay which could not be proved, saying that Mr. Omoba Adesanya, the APC Publicity secretary depended on “the rumor mill, gossip and beer parlour chat as his veritable source of information.” Adding that “Rather than indulge in falsehood, the APC should be absolutely worried about the fact that it lied to Nigerians to believe that it would bring a radical development to the nation and all it has done so far is to fail to take off, thereby putting the nation in reverse gear.”
In his words, “We need to let the people know that the APC Publicity Secretary in Ondo State is a barefaced liar whose understanding of his role as the publicity secretary of that party is absolutely suspect. He needs further education to understand the fact that his position does not confer on him the right to propagate lies, but to build its profile, promote and sustain same.”
From all indications, legal action would be taken by the accused personalities against the APC Publicity Secretary, Omoba Adesanya, who made the allegation in a statement on Monday.