As Coca-Cola prepares to celebrate 100 years of its iconic contour bottle, the soft drink giant has gone back through its archives to give us a sneak peek of its vintage ads.
Fresh from rolling out a multi-million marking campaign in this market to celebrate the bottle, Coke has given us a look into its archives at some of the ads that made the contour bottle famous.
As well as the marketing push globally, the business is also taking the bottle on tour with a traveling art exhibition titled “The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour: Inspiring Pop Culture for 100 Years,” set to hit our shores in November.
The exhibition, which will visit more than 15 countries and travel 62,000 miles throughout 2015, will showcase pieces featuring the Coca-Cola bottle produced by more than 20 multidisciplinary artists ‐ from artists like Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell and Clive Barker, to up‐and-coming artists and graphic designers.