As the screening of the 25 contestants for the primary election of
Kogi State All Progressives Congress, APC commences, one of the
leading aspirants, Senator Nurudeen Abatemi-Usman, has reiterated his
commitment and determination towards securing the ticket of the party.
The primary election is expected to take place on the 29th of this
month, while the governorship poll is billed to hold on November 21.
Speaking through his media assistant, Michael Jegede, in a statement
issued in Abuja on Monday, Abatemi-Usman, said he was in the race as a
serious contender to get the mandate of his party and the people to
enable him bring the needed change that would take Kogi State out of
the woods and lift it to a higher level of development.
“We are in this project of change in Kogi State in the interest of the
people. We have come out to identify with the struggle for change in
our dear state, because we are not happy with the way things are at
the moment. I am in this battle with every sense of commitment and
determination to liberate our state from the shackles of backwardness
and break the jinx that has been standing on our way of progress. On
the 27th of this month, Kogi State will be 24 years old. What do we
have to show for its 24 years of existence? There is virtually nothing
meaningful! Sixteen years of our return to democracy, Kogi people have
not enjoyed the true dividends of democracy. This why I am fully
determined and committed to secure the ticket of APC because that is
the party to beat. That is the party whose manifesto is designed to
advance the cause of the people and bring governance closer to their
doorstep along the path of sustainability,” Abatemi-Usman remarked.

Expressing confidence that he would emerge victorious on the day of
the primary election, the former member of the Pan African Parliament
(PAP), said: “We are optimistic that by the grace of God Almighty,
victory will be ours on August 29, when I shall triumphantly emerge as
the candidate of our great party, the APC. I have done enough work at
the level of the delegates at the grassroots.  I have had direct
interface with the delegates across the length and breadth of the
state, presenting myself to them and asking for their partnership in
this horrendous task of saving Kogi State from the sinking ship. I
have the assurance that they will give me their support. I am not
waiting for any godfather, person, group or forum to endorse me.
Rather, I put my trust in God and the people who have the ultimate
power (the delegates) to decide whether they want me to fly the
party’s flag or not. The issue of primary election is strictly a party
affair and thank God the leadership of the party known for its
transparency, fairness, equity and justice has clearly told the whole
world that it has no anointed or preferred candidate.”