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Osun State Government Signs Solar Plant Agreement With Vergnet



The Osun state Government and Vergnet, a French base company have signed an agreement worth N8 billion to build 13 megawatts solar plant in the state.

France’s Ambassador for Climate Change Stephane Gompertz, spoke in Abuja yesterday that the project was the first of such magnitude to be signed in Nigeria.

Gompertz said the agreement was signed on Friday 16th of this month by Mr Rauf Aregbesola the Osun State Governor, and a French company, Vergnet, adding that France was supporting Nigeria in the area of renewable energy.

“As far as new and renewable energy are concerned, the French Agency for Development helps finance through credits, projects in new and renewable energy.

“On Friday morning, I was with the French Ambassador in Abuja. We were received by the Governor of Osun State. We signed an agreement with a French company called Vergnet.

“Vergnet will build a solar plant of 13 megawatts, which is quite big for a solar plant. And as far as I am concerned, this is the first project of such magnitude to be signed here in Nigeria.

“There will be other bigger projects going up to 50 or even 100 megawatts,” he said.

Gompertz said his country had supported Nigeria’s power sector through its contracts and loans from the French Development Agency (AFD).

He explained further that the agreement to build the solar power plant also included training component to encourage transfer of technology.

According to him, the more we develop new technologies, the more people are trained to manage or to invent those technologies, and this will on the long run contribute to the development.

He noted that in 2009, the Federal Government had assigned Vergnet to establish a wind farm of 10 megawatts in Katsina state for about N4.5 billion.

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