AFRIMA 2015: Tinubu Emerges As ‘Pillar of Culture in Africa’

Former Lagos governor, Bola Tinubu receives an award as the ‘Pillar of Culture in Africa,’ at the All Africa Music Awards, AFRMA 2015 held yesterday November 15th at the Eko Hotel and Suites Lagos.

while making remarks after been honoured as the “Pillar of African Art and Culture” by the African Union, AU at this year’s edition of AFRIMA, Asiwaju called on African youths to develop their full potentials in arts and culture so as to deal with the problem of poverty on the continent.
“There’s no doubt that art and culture can be used to tackle poverty in Africa. We have seen the economic opportunities of our talented youths blossoming. In the last five years, their contributions to Nigeria’s Growth Domestic Product, GDP through art and culture have improved tremendously. The contribution of our artists is a phenomenon now and we can take the advantage to tackle the scourge of poverty,” Tinubu told thousands of ross sections of guests.
The former governor, who expressed his appreciation to the African Union Commission for the honour, said AFRIMA has shown there are sense of cultural variables that can be appreciated in the African diversity. And that the award organisers has demonstrated how Africa talents can be brought together to promote peace, wealth and prosperity in the country.