Kano Largest Market up in Flames


Reports reaching AN24 live from Kano just confirmed the burning of the largest market in Kano state – The Sabon Gari Market with over 67 shops destroyed as at the early hours of this morning.

According to an anonymous eyewitness, the fire was set by an unknown person and not an accident. The eye witness confirmed the fire started around 1 am midnight on Friday.

Conflicting reports claimed the fire had been set in a section around the Igbo merchants who trade textiles and wood work or furniture. As at 7 am this morning, a total of 67 stores were confirmed to be burnt to the ground.

Reports reaching us also confirmed the presence of Fire Fighters on the location of the incident, and claims to have fully taken the situation under control have been ascertained.

Although the Fire Brigade are yet to publicly announce the real cause of the fire, but many market men and women are bitter about the incident, and many claim it has links to the mosque attacked the previous day by the Pro Biafra protesters.