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50 Cent Declares Rapper Meek Mill Dead



By Philips Sunday

United States rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent has declared fellow rapper Meek Mill dead, following an ongoing fuss that broke out between the two rappers in connection with the Drake vs Meek Mill beef.

It can be recalled that the feud between Meek Mill and Drake started when the 28-year-old Mill accused the Canadian born rapper Drake of not writing his own raps.

50 Cent is in an all-out Instagram war with fellow-artist Meek Mill who accused him of being gay in his aggressive new track, “Gave ‘Em Hope.”

Meek Mill also went on to mock 50 Cent for last year’s bankruptcy claims the rapper made during a court case, accusing him of portraying a lavish lifestyle on social media but can’t pay his bills.

“You popping s— on your Instagram, s— that you’re popping ain’t adding up,” Mill raps. “I got fifty reasons to say you’re taking d—.” the rap lyrics said.

It can be recalled in 2009 that Meek Mill warned people against picking up a fight with 50 Cent, but the the rapper seem to have thrown such comment into the bin as he picked up a feud with 50.

Meek mill

However in a swift reaction to Meek Mill’s comments,  50 Cent declared the rapper dead on Social Media network ‘Instagram’.

“Meek Mill (died) on Sunday after a long battle of taking L’s from 50 Cent,” the post read. “He will not be greatly missed.” the ‘Candy Shop’ rapper wrote.

Meek mill death

Furthermore, it is believed that the fight between  Meek Mill and 50 Cent must have been engineered by Rick Ross, as he’s signed to Rick Ross’ record label, Maybach Music.

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