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The Protest Has Been Hijacked By PDP, Says Lauretta Onochie



Ganiyat Ganiyu

Lagos, (An24)) – Lauretta Onochie, Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, has revealed that the nationwide protest scheduled for today (February 6), has been hijacked by some members of the People Democratic Party, PDP.

Onochie disclosed this in an interview with Channels TV on Monday.

According to her, Governor Fayose and Deji Adeyanju of the PDP have declared their support for the protest, having such persons championing the protest makes it lose its credibility since they are of the party that massively wrecked the country during the last administration.

“It has been hijacked, Governor Fayose is part of it. He said so. Deji Adeyanju who speaks for PDP is part of it. The opposition has a right to protest but you cannot inflict injury on somebody and then still protest” she said.

Onochie added that contrary to popular belief, singer 2face Idibia who was part of those championing today’s protest, was not bullied to cancel his support for the protest.

“I don’t think he has been bullied. He has a right to protest. Telling anyone not to protest will be like the way many of us raise children in our nation. You beat a child and deny the child the right to cry. A protest is a cry for help. If they want to go on with the protest, they can go on but what I frown at seriously is the notion that those who raped our nation massively are the ones pulling the strings behind the scene. They started with OccupyCentralBank which failed woefully. Nigerians shunned it. That was were they were supposed to pick up”she said

She said she called for a national debate with 2face Idibia because she wanted him to come and speak clearly on the policies of the present administration he is against. She says she doesn’t want few people to just write something for him to put online which he doesn’t understand.

“When I read in the news that 2face is to lead other starts to protest president Buhari’s policies, I looked at the body language and the headline and I thought that there is something not quite right here. Protest policies? What policies because you can’t protest something you are not aware of. So I wanted to be sure that 2face and the people he was leading into the protest, understood what the policies were. So I said to him on social media that protests are acceptable but I want to know, what policies that you are not happy about. Come and tell us on national television. We want to hear him say it. I don’t want a few people to just write something for him or for anybody and they put it on the pages of newspapers. Anybody can do that” she added.


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