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Outrage As Snoop Dogg ‘Shoots’ President Trump In New Music Video



By Philips Sunday

United States, (AN24) – President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has berated rapper, Snoop Dogg over a music video that shows the rapper shooting a gun at a clown that resembles him.

The clip focuses on current events including a version of a Clown-in-Chief, named Ronald Klump, holding a press conference to announce the deportation of all dogs, spelled ‘doggs’.


The new music video which is a remix of the song “Lavender (Nightfall Remix)” shows the rapper approaching the Trump clown and pulling the trigger of a gun.

In the final scene of the video, Snopp takes out a fake gun and points it towards a clown-like character with painted orange face, a small flag pops out of the weapon with the word “bang” as the sound of a real gun is heard in the background.

Displeased with this, President Trump expressed his displeasure about the music video on micro blogging site, Twitter on Wednesday, March 15.

“Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!” Trump wrote on Twitter.‎


Meanwhile, in America, threats to kill or injure the president are illegal under federal law and are punishable with fines or up to five years in prison.

However, it remains unclear if the video would be considered a violation of the law even as the American Secret Service are expected to provide reaction to the video.

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