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Trump’s Daughter Accepts Merkel’s Invitation To Attend G20 Women Meeting




U.S. President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has accepted an invitation from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Berlin in May for an empowerment conference.

“Looking forward to working together in Berlin next month to promote the role of women in the economy and the future of our Workforce Globally (W20),” the fashion designer-turned-informal presidential adviser posted on Facebook on Monday.

The W20 Dialogue Forum is to be conducted under the auspices of the Group of 20 of the world’s leading industrial and emerging economies, which Germany currently chairs.

Merkel’s move to invite Ivanka Trump to Berlin for the women’s conference could help the chancellor to ensure that her Donald Trump plays a productive role in the July G20 government chiefs’ summit in Hamburg.

The U.S. president is expected to attend and the German leader is to also chair.

The W20 forum which represents women from business, science and the broader community is set to begin in Berlin from April 25 to April 26 will focus on labour market participation.

It will also focus on access to finance for female business operators and ways to close the digital gender gap.

Dubbed the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump sees her role in the White House as helping to focus the administration on women’s issues, in particular in the labour market.

The visit to Berlin will mark Ivanka Trump’s first international trip since her father’s inauguration as president in January.

The 35-year-old Ivanka Trump, who is of her father’s most trusted advisers, met Merkel during the chancellor’s visit to the White House this month.



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