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Twitter User Sentenced To Death For Insulting Prophet Muhammad Online




By Olufunke Olorunfemi

Saudi Arabia, (An24)- A social media user on Twitter has been sentenced to death for insulting Prophet Muhammad on the social media platform.

The Saudi man, Ahmad Al-Shamri, was reported to have been arrested after the Saudi religious police got wind of what he tweeted on his social media page.

Ahmad Al-Shamri was reported to have been visited sometime in 2014 and was accused of using social media as a platform to blaspheme and insult Islam and the Prophet, Muhammad.

However, activists with Human Rights Watch say Al-Shamri was probably mentally unstable, hence the reason for the tweet.

Ahmad Al-Shamri was also accused of tweeting such thoughts in a country where public statements such as that could mean a death sentence.

Al-Shamri pleaded insanity before the court saying that he has a mental disorder and that he was drunk, high and was in an altered mental state.

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