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How Infidelity, Lies Crashed Mercy Aigbe’s 2nd Marriage





By Ganiyat Ganiyu

It is no longer news that the 7 years old marriage of Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe to Lagos hotelier, Lanre Gentry has crashed.

The news which broke out late yesterday took the social media space by storm.

More sketchy details that led to the failed marriage has however been unraveled.

Infidelity, promiscuity, lies, domestic violence and the likes were factors that led to the end of the marriage.

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According to NET, sources close to the family have revealed that the marriage of Mercy, 38, and her 50-year-old husband, Lanre Gentry, was destined to crash.

A close family source (who chose not to be named for obvious reasons) said, “The marriage was destined to break. Mercy Aigbe has been promiscuous all through the marriage and this has caused a strain between them since the beginning.

“Some of us have always known that this would happen someday. A married woman cannot be sleeping about like that. A lot of people thought that after she remarried, she would have calmed down.”

The source added, “Where do you think she gets all her money from, movies? How much do Nigerian actresses make for their movie roles? If you compare it with their luxurious lifestyle, you’ll see that it doesn’t add up.

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The estranged couple on their wedding registry

“Let me give you an example: for someone who likes to travel as much as she does, each trip she takes outside the country takes nothing less than N3million. Take a look at her Instagram posts. She always flies business class. The cheapest amount you can get a business class ticket to Dubai is N900,000. Don’t you see the pictures she posts online? Mr Gentry simply does not have the funds to foot that bill multiple times a year.”

Speaking further, the source said notable politicians who are said to have Nollywood actresses on their payroll for various sexual adventures have Mercy Aigbe on speed dial.

“These are the people that help Mercy maintain the facade of being an A-lister”.

However, the source revealed that Lanre Gentry also had his hands stained due to his amorous affairs with young girls.

His Oregun hotel, Laveronique was a rendezvous of sorts for his flirtations.

It was gathered that Mercy turned a blind eye to his affairs as she busied herself spending his money as well as what she got from her lovers.

But things have not been the same for Gentry who has been affected by the economic recession.

The source said, “The man has a hotel where Lagos-based actors and actresses use to shoot their movies, but the business was mismanaged and nobody goes there anymore.

“As of now, he doesn’t have any business going on for him. How many wide-mouthed actresses can live with that type of hopelessness? The situation has gotten so bad that now Mercy can openly cavort with the politicians that have been on her case since. I’m sure that in no time, her shop in Omole will be shifted to Lekki as she has always dreamed of.”

What put a final nail in the coffin to the marriage was her husband’s flirtation and affair with Opemititi, a Covenant university graduate, and a very close associate to Mercy.

It was gathered that Mercy took Opemititi as a younger sister who she also introduced to some of her clients. Mercy was distraught when she found out that her husband was having an affair with Opemititi.

Opemititi Instagram post

Sources revealed that the recent physical attack on Mercy occurred when she refused her husband’s request to cook a special meal for him and his friends.

Her refusal made him beat her to a pulp.

That attack has led the actress to file divorce proceedings while her husband is exploring his options seeing that of all the three women that have children for him, Mercy is the only one who he married, meaning he might lose all he has worked for should the case go in her favour.

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Mercy Aigbe and the child he has for Gentry, Juwon

“The two other women who have children for Lanre are currently laughing at him because as things stand now, he’s the biggest loser,” our source concluded.

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