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Anambra Election 2017: Why I Stand With Osita Chidoka



Anambra, (An24)- Some people have asked me why do I think Osita Chidoka is the right person that will take Ndi Anambra to the next level and build a solid foundation driven by ICT, some even questioned my mastery in Nigeria Politics and the politicians perhaps considering by non active in Nigeria politics for me to determine who is the right or not for Anambra People. But my responses to them are; firstly I don’t have to be a politician to know what is good our people and secondly I don’t have to be in politics to know politicians.

Moreover Osita Chidoka has been like a precious stone that attracts people’s attentions wherever it is displayed; from his days as the Corps Marshal of FRSC to Ministry of Aviation as a Minister his projects have always been “Changing the Nigeria Antiquated System to the World present day Standard”. So the effectiveness of his works in both organizations I mentioned above attracts men of good will and favours to him. Permit to also say this; Ike Obosi has been a young man whose good works attracts another. He has never lobbied for appointments nor been imposed on any of the governments he had worked with by any godfather, instead he earned his appointments through dedication and hard works- This is indeed a model youths should learn to adopt.


Furthermore, watching him officially declared for United Progressive Party in his home town Obosi Anambra few days was a thing of joy personally for me, and ever since then i have been receiving messages and calls asking why i think Chief Osita Chidoka is the best option for Ndi Anambra but my reasons is a discussion for another, watch out as a begin to dish our my series “why i stand with Osita Chidoka”, perhaps the series will confirm to our people who are mostly supporters of Ike Obosi that they have taken the right path, while it will create the opportunity for our people who are supporting other candidates to reflect before taking final decisions.


Dozie Anambra and Ositadinma 2017 is not just a slogan or another campaign names other politicians chunk out just to entice our people, but they are reflections of God’s divine agenda for Ndi Anambra. Anambra is God’s own state blessed with the best in all aspects of life. We are extraordinary people therefore deserve extraordinary transformation in our state. Look the present challenges we have in Anambra is not actually lack of leadership, but leadership who are advanced and updated to the modern model of Governance that can propel the extraordinary growth we all desire and deserved.


Finally I want to use this very opportunity to thank Chief Osita Chidoka for taken this bold steps which I know was driven by the passion he has for his people for accepting our calls to services. We know fixing Anambra is something you have long wanted to do because you know the path and the right buttons to press.

Biko anyi na si gi bia #DozieAnambra.

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