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Lagos Govt. Urges Residents To Report Domestic Violence




The Lagos State Office of the Public Defender (OPD) on Thursday urged residents to report incidents of domestic violence.
Mrs Olubukola Salami, OPD Director, disclosed this on Thursday in Lagos.

She said that this would ensure justice and stem the rampant cases of the menace in the society.
Salami also urged women who were victims of domestic violence to report the abuse immediately rather than suffer in silence.
According to her, a delay in reporting could weaken or result in a loss of evidence to determine the case in court.
“The Lagos State government has put in place many policies to safeguard the victim and to prevent domestic violence in the state.
“Women should not condone domestic violence, they should speak out; they should also report it.
“And then, of course, for neighbours and citizens of Lagos State, they should report it. ‘’If you find out that your neighbour is abusing the child or the husband is abusing the wife, you should report it to the Office of the Public Defender.
‘’You can report it to the Police, to the Ministry of Youth and Social Development and also the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.
‘’All these organisations have been put in place by the Governor of Lagos State to assist and to prevent the loss of lives as well as maiming of body.
“So, OPD will go to the police station to ensure that the police investigates, to ensure that the case is charged to court at the end of the day and to ensure that the case is not swept under the carpet.“

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