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Zimbabweans celebrate end of Mugabe’s era



Jubilant scenes are unfolding on the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, as protests demanding the resignation of President Robert Mugabe have turned to a celebration of the army’s role in ending the nonagenarian’s grip on power.


BBC say protesters are hugging soldiers in the crowd and cheering for them.
One man told the BBC the day was “about a new beginning.”

War veterans – who until last year were loyal to President Mugabe – also want him to quit.
The BBC says this is a watershed moment and there can be no return to power for Mr. Mugabe.

A man arriving at the rally said: “As Zimbabweans, we are saying to our army: Thank you very much for the peaceful intervention.

“And it’s time for the masses of Zimbabwe to say: Mugabe must go and must go, like, yesterday. We can’t wait to see his back. For us, it’s about a new beginning.”

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