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Beware! Check Out What Happened To This Lady After Her Male Friend Who Is A Yahoo Boy Gave Her A Ride In His Car




A reader has come out to narrate the story of how one of her male friends and alleged yahoo guy almost used her for money rituals.


She disclosed that the incident took place in 2011 while she was on her way home in Benin City, when the guy began trying to seek her attention.

The lady added that she later stopped and discovered that it was her male friend whom she once accommodated in her hostel. After dropping her off at the hostel, she wondered where he got his money from only to start bleeding days after.

Not stopping there, she visited the hospital and used several medications but the bleeding did not stop. It took her three days fasting and prayer for her to be completely healed.

She shared her story because her brother narrated a similar story where the guy confessed to be a yahoo boy.

Read her story below:-

On a certain day in the year 2011, I was on my way to Benin (home) from school (Ekpoma) when a car started to horn behind me and seriously seeking my attention.

I looked back and the car wasn’t familiar so I ignored and continued to trek down the road until a voice I could recognize slowly called out my name.

I bet u can imagine how I felt after all the u are not my type kind of attitude I gave only to realize it was my very close pal who then recently packed out of my hostel.

We both started laughing as he offered to drop me off at the park. I was so happy and grateful as I hopped in.

U have just saved me some change and the stress of trekking and flying okada under the scorching sun with a ride in chilling air conditioned car I said out loud.

But come o, whose car is this? And he replied it was his. In shock I asked again, how? And he said ‘na God’ finally we arrived at the park and I ignorantly thanked him again.

That day I started bleeding and thought it was normal until a Week became two and before I knew it I was counting months.

Trust me only those who have experienced something similar would understand what I went through.

I sought medical help and I was given one prescription after another with full assurance from my doctor (Dr Iyalome) that each one was going to be the last.

U can imagine my frustration after they all failed with my condition getting worse instead.
After about four months of non-stop bleeding, a few of us in my hostel were gathered in the room of my senior colleague and friend Oluwafemi Ajibodu Samuel (thanks for always having my back consciously and unconsciously)
discussing about the trending yahoo business when he mentioned that some of these guys keep calabash under their front seats and go hunting for girls that any girl who sits down there starts to bleed and that becomes the source of their money.

I was taken over by fear as I remembered entering the vehicle of someone whose source of sudden wealth I knew nothing about.

Spend less on the Internet! I confronted him but he denied and threatened to deal with me.
I was taken over by fear as I remembered entering the vehicle of someone whose source of sudden wealth I knew nothing about and also that my bleeding started on that same day. I quickly ran into my room as I poured out my heart to GOD in tears.

I threw away every last one of the pills I was taking and I embarked on a 3 days fasting and prayers. Before the end of the third day I received my healing to the glory of GOD.

I felt the need to share my testimony because I was too happy to keep it all to myself so started telling people especially girls about my experience.

Thank God for life!

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