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Migrants: Committee evacuates 545 Nigerians from Libya



Additional 545 Nigerian migrants were expected back home on Monday from Libya, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama led committee on Libya migration crisis has said.

This is apart from the 485 that were repatriated at the weekend from Libya.

The committee also revealed that a technical team has been left behind in Libya to search out Nigerians scattered across the war turn county.

Meanwhile, a grand total of 16,387 persons were deported to Nigeria across the globe in 2017.

The committee which briefed newsmen in Abuja yesterday also noted that it was able to visit only five of about 50 camps where Nigerians are been held in captivity.

Onyeama briefed alongside other members which include, the comptroller General of immigration Mr Muhammed Babandede, the Director General of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking Persons, Julie Okah-Donli, Director General of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Mr. Mustapha Maihaja and Sadia Umaru-Farouk, Commissioner for Refugee.

The comptroller General of immigration Mr Muhammed Babandede who reeled out the the figures of Nigerian repatriated from Libya revealed that in 2017 alone, the country received 5908 migrants and if added to Sunday returnee of 4585, we would have 6,393 deportees from Libya alone.

Babandede speaking on the outcome of the findings by members of Federal Government Delegation to Libya said, “I want to state that in 2017 alone we have received in to the country deportees specifically from Libya, 5908.

“So if you add to the number we received on Jan.7 which was 485 from Libya it will give you 6,393 deportees we received Libya.
“The ratio of those deported on Jan. 7 is very interesting, the male is 398, female 84, children 3.

According to him a total of 3,498 men, 2,684 female and minors 211 were deported from Libya in 2017 which shows the ratio between male and female is almost balance.
He also noted that of the 485 returnees over the weekend, 398 are male, female 84 and children 3.

ImmIgration boss also noted that a total number of 3498 deportees from Libya were men, 2,684 female, minors 211 “which shows the ratio between male and female is almost balance.”
He revealed further that a grand total of 16,387 persons person were deported to Nigeria across the globe in 2017.

He said, “I don’t want us to look at it as if it only in Libya the deportees are coming from, like from Saudi Arabia surprisingly we have a total deportees of 3836 deportees in 2017 alone the ratio is very interesting male only 395 female 2,331 children 1,110 the ratio in Saudi Arabia is high from other countries you know Europe has been deporting the highest number from other countries is from south Africa, Italy and Austria the total number we have from other countries is greater than the one in Libya, 6643, so grand total of person deported to Nigeria in 2017 is 16,387 we afraid this might continue or even be higher in 2018.”

He also said that the security agencies will also screen the returnees to identify those who were trafficked and those who are irregular migrants.

The committee also promised to train the returnees and empower them so as to ensure their smooths integration into the society.

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