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I Think Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is better



Nigeria has lost his glory, what we are living on now is “glory of the past”. Our politicians has turned Nigeria to football pitch where they play their ball of “personal ambition”. Imagine someone who ruled during military savages on our dear homeland, coming back to rule despite his age, lack of ideal qualifications.

Until you reach another man’s farmland, that is when you can boast about the size of your farm. In 2015,  despite food security, no recession, we kicked Jonathan out.  As a student I Know how good #5000 can serve me then compare to now.

I am not a politician and I am not writing to debase anyone but to show how disappointed I am in Buhari’s​ administration. The trust is that the change we are experiencing now is nothing but a negative one. For objectivity sake let me explain myself with facts below:

– Goodluck Jonathan budgeted #1BN  and #517m for feeding for feeding at  Aso rock in 2011 and 2015 respectively. While Buhari budgeted #1.7BN in 2016 for feeding. We can the range right?

– #1.4BN was used by Jonathan to service all presidential​ Jets in a year while Buhari spends #6BN on it within 6months.

– Jonathan spent an average of $8million on each international trip, while Buhari spends an average of 55million.

Okay let’s check this again; in the proposed 2018 budget presented before the Senate this year . Our Buhari gave education just 11%, when other countries are busy financing education like weapon. For instance, a college teacher at Russia earn more cash than minister. What flabagasted me most is that Buhari promised during his presidential campaign that he will allocate 20% of our annual budget to education but he did not fulfill it

During Jonathan’s regime, we know how we exercise our freedom of speech freely *but now we know how timid we are now*. It is audible to the hear and visible to the eyes that Buhari’s administration is a threat to human rights. Look at how they shunned 2face protest by using Nigerian Police Force claiming that hoodlum want to take over his protest against​ Government.

Few days to Christmas, we are still battling fuel scarcity without any tangible reason. What we suppose to be diving in now turned to what we are dying for with queue.
They claimed lack of local refineries led to the scarcity but what have they done to the refineries we have.

They promised to end fuel scarcity within one week but it is going to a months now.

Beyond sentiment, my conviction about Buhari and Jonathan’s administration is, Jonathan’s administration is for the masses and Buhari is for the rich.

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