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Dog accidentally shoots owner dead during hunting



A 64 – year – old hunter , Sergey Terekhov , was shot dead by his own dog after venturing into the snow -covered countryside hunting in Russia .
The victim was apparently shot in the torso while he was letting dogs out of the trunk of a car while on a hunting trip with his brother on January 21 , said the regional branch of the Investigative Committee
According to a statement obtained by
Newsweek. com , the hunter died on his way to the hospital .
The statement reads, “ The weapon rested on his knee, with the butt facing down and the barrel pointing towards his stomach .
“ The trigger was presumably activated when the dogs jumped on the man after he opened the trunk , the hunter died on the way to the hospital
“ Everything was in order . This was an unfortunate incident . ”
Terekhov ’ s social media page on the Russian platform Odnoklassniki features multiple images of him roaming the wilderness with the dog that is suspected of killing him .

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