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Policemen have confidence in ‘traditional bullet-proofs’ than modern bullet-proofs




Troops Arrest Police Sergeant With 370 Rounds Of Ammunition

In last year a 34 -year – old police corporal , Ade Daniel ( not real name ) , was posted to the Special Anti- Robbery Squad of the Ogun State Police Command where he came face to face with death.

It was a locate – and – arrest operation at a community in Ijebu Waterside area of the state. The SARS team had got a tip- off about the hideout of an armed robbery suspect .
But within moments of locating a house in which the target was holed up , what was supposed to be a routine arrest quickly became a gun duel.

Daniel made it clear, “ I was one of the first sets of people to get into the house and before we could sight him , we heard gunshots . We thought we were there to arrest one person . There were two other members of his gang with him and they just started shooting at us .
“ If I had not used my amulet that day , I would have died without doubt because I was not wearing a bullet -proof vest. A couple of bullets hit me but did not enter my body . A member of our team, who was hit by a bullet in the leg , died that day . ”
Stories like this are common among operatives of Nigerian security agencies in a country where many policemen face armed robbers without protective gear .
According to Daniel, who did not share his real name for security reasons, the use of traditional protection is an open secret among security agents in the country, especially policemen .
In the absence of the needed kit like standard body armour , otherwise known as bullet – proof vests , protective helmets, and so on , in the country’ s ill – equipped police force , many policemen like Daniel are toeing the traditional path of the warriors of old .
In February 2017 , a police sergeant in Imo State , Chukwudi Iboko , who was on a bank protection duty in Owerri , the state capital , lost his life after a gang of armed robbers , attacked a customer at the bank. Despite his gallant effort to repel them, he sustained fatal injuries while his colleague lost an eye in the attack .
The incident stirred up a fresh national discourse at the time about how policemen in the country had been performing their duties with barely any protective gear . PUNCH Newspapers ended up raising more than $ 21 , 000 through public donations for the family of the victims .
‘I was sure I was shot, I saw the bullets’
Daniel is one of the policemen who do not want to end up like Sergeant Iboko . Our correspondent asked him if it was possible that any of the bullets just did not hit him as he thought and he said that he was certain it did .
“ I saw the bullet after the exercise . Two of the suspects died in the shoot -out . The bullet left a mark in my right side where it hit me, ” he said .
He explained that he got the amulet through a herbalist he was introduced to by a colleague , who was not a member of the squad.
Daniel said , “ When I joined SARS, a colleague asked if I was ‘ fortified ’ because of the criminals I might encounter on the job . I told him I was not and he asked if I wanted to get an amulet to protect me against bullets .
“ I told him I did not mind. He took me to the man and we actually did some rituals as requirements to seal the efficacy of the amulet . I cannot reveal those things because they are also things that can be used to render it powerless. ”
The SARS operative explained that since he got the amulet , he had only been in a situation where he was shot at once; and that still , he had total belief in the efficacy of the amulet .
He said he never went for an operation without wearing it under his uniform . Even though , Daniel also wears bullet- proof vests each time he goes for exercises, his amulet remains his most trusted bullet- proof.
He told our correspondent, “The bullet – proof vest we wear only covers the chest . God is the only protection that covers all parts of my body . This amulet is my protection kit and I consider it as a gift from God .
“ Some people make the mistake of thinking that because I am a Christian , it is wrong for me to use something like this to protect myself . This amulet may have been created by a herbalist , but the power in it is endowed by God . ”
One other policeman , who spoke on condition of anonymity, also admitted that he was “ protected” the traditional way , saying he felt more confident anytime he went on an operation with his charm under his bullet – proof vest.
“ Even my wife knows about the charm and we are both Christians. She does not complain because at the end of the day , she does not want me to lose my life facing armed robbers . There is nothing wrong with double protection , ” he said .
A SARS operative in Delta State also told our correspondent that only “ strong men ” were drafted into the unit , considering the kind of criminals they deal with in the state .
“ How you protect yourself is your decision and it would be your fault if you are shot dead by all these kidnappers or robbers . We get to use bullet – proof vests when we go out. But in addition to that , we protect ourselves with charms , ” he said .
‘I have protection against gunshots and ‘ordinary ’ knives ’

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