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Who Wants Kayode Fayemi Dead? By Odunlabi Alayinde



On June 1, 2018, Michael Opeyemi Bamidele and five others were shot and wounded by a mobile policeman in what the All Progressives Congress described as “a case of failed assassination attempt” and an “orchestrated plan to sniff life out of” Kayode Fayemi. Bamidele and other APC faithful were in Ekiti for a reception in honour of the immediate past Minister of Solid Minerals and the party’s flag-bearer in the state’s governorship election, slated for July 14, 2018.

Even before the party came out with a demand for a demand for probe and an assurance of adequate security protection for Fayemi’s campaign train, Nigerians had already been treated to what to expect in the coming days. Interestingly, Ekiti State happened just some few hours after startling revelations of murderous acts by a former chieftain of a party in which direction accusing fingers are being pointed.

Well, let me confess that these are interesting times in the life of Ekiti politics and I believe only the likes of Captain Sagir Koli can supply answers to posers that are already beyond the comprehension of mere mortals like yours truly.

But who wants Fayemi dead? What is his offence and what do such souls stand to gain from such a wicked act? For God’s sake, when has it become a crime for those with “penchant for building education infrastructure and promoting the welfare of the ordinary people” to give “confidence to the friends of freedom and pause to those who would exploit human difference for inhuman purposes”?

Truth be told, events in the last few days have again called for a strategic necessity among all stakeholders in the APC-Ekiti project to forget all needless distractions to forge a common front against the incumbent administration’s incompetence laced with unbridled and unrivalled tyranny. While my prayer for Ekiti is that the better candidate should win on July 14, there’s also an urgent need for Ekitians to beware of hilarious concoctions of conjectural delusions which can only end up leaving the electorate perched and paranoid.

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