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Cameroonian President Blames Country’s Violence On Diaspora Social Media



Cameroon’s prime minister has blamed “the diaspora… crouched in the shadows” for the violence which has engulfed parts of the country.

Philémon Yang accused Cameroonians living overseas of using social media to “spread hate speech and terror” and to even “order murders”.

He said:

Social media have become the favourite ground for the sponsors of terrorism orchestrated by Cameroonians in the diaspora. Crouched in the shadows and hidden behind the keyboards of their computer and smartphones, these Cameroonians of the diaspora spread hate speech and terror and do not hesitate to order murders.”

Mr Yang also said more than 80 members of the security forces have been killed during months of fighting with Anglophone separatists in the country’s South-West and North-West regions.

Another 100-or-so civilians and state representatives have also been killed or kidnapped, he added.

Mr Yang went on to announce a new $220m (£167m) emergency humanitarian assistance plan for hundreds of thousands of civilians that the government says have been displaced by the fighting.

The violence escalated in late 2016, following a series of protests from Anglophone Cameroonians, who say they are discriminated against by the country’s Francophone authorities.

Amnesty International says the government has responded with “arbitrary arrests, torture, unlawful killings and destruction of property”.

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