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Big Announcement In 24 Hours- WIZKID



Wizkid Announces Break From Music, Reveals Next Action


Nigerian  popular singer , Wizkid  is making a  different  in an international collaborations that seemed nearly impossible for any Nigerians and he is celebrated for  his achievement in showing that becoming an International Artist  is indeed possible.

The CEO of Star Boy Records informed us that he’ll be announcing something big in the next 24 hours and we are here to be inform what the announcement will be about Wizkid.

The first assumption , what is on people’s mind is the Gucci Snake Featuring Slim Case  that has been promised to fans since April but no release yet. Except the song is way beyond what we’ve heard before but  that might not be the big announcement, but if it super hot, then it is our number one guess for Wizkid’ big announcement.
The second assumption  is a music collaboration with P.Diddy during the weekend both Artist posted on social media about having a good weekend and Wizkid mentioned he’s coming back home to Africa which in this case sounds like Nigeria and that’ll be so cool… but what will sound cooler is a record of both sounds, which will be dope  , interesting and I’m sure Nigerians  cannot wait to listen to their songs.
Now if Wizkid doesn’t announce any of these in 24 hours, then it means the big news is actually bigger than what we imagine but aside this announcement, Wizkid video with P.Diddy  should be worth motivating this week.
In the video, we have seen how hard work can promote you from local to international  music and staying true to where you’re from. It might look like the international artistes are coming for their own benefits which is true in more ways than one because the African market is one they’ll definitely profit from, it’s also motivating to see that our market has grown to be seen as profitable and if African artiste are wise as we know they are, they will use this to their advantage and grow the African music industry.
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