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PVC-Naija Urges Students To Champion Political Education Ahead 2019




PVC-Naija Urges Students To Champion Political Education Ahead 2019

PVC-Naija team.

A political advocacy and sensitization movement, Project Victory Call Initiative, also known as PVC-Naija, has urged Nigerian students to champion political education ahead of the 2019 general elections in the country.

The National Coordinator of the group, Dr Bolaji Akinyemi, who made the call at a conference in Lagos, stated that Nigerian students have been the lifeline of the nation.

Akinyemi recalled that the struggle for Nigeria’s independence was championed by people who were mostly students.

“At twist and turn in the journey of our fatherland towards democracy, the voice of Nigerian students has been loud. Their courage was a force; they joined with others like NUJ, NBA, NLC and groups like NADECO who were products of the June 12 struggle to see the military off to the barrack,” he said.

The PVC-Naija Coordinator noted that If Nigeria must be saved come 2019, a step must be taken in the right direction, noting that there is the need to set up a structure of enlightenment for illiterate voters, farmers, Artisans, market men and women.

Speaking further, Akinyemi noted that Nigerian students must rescue their parents through political education ahead of 2019 elections.

“Education is the key to liberation from pre-modal governance, the pathway to human intellectual advancements and societal development, A people without education are covenanted to poverty,” Akinyemi said.

Noting that in the past, we have often missed the take when it comes to electing our leaders, but the mistake became very obvious when desperation for change, led to change without a change of order, preparation was not made for the change we make”.

The PVC-Naija Coordinator said: “Students and Youths being that class of our society to which the future belong, must be given the right to lead in making decisions that will impact their future,” noting that they constitute the numerical strength of our voting population and their strength will be harnessed and deployed to prepare a glorious future for them. Their deployment to “racing with the rest of the world” is imperative,” he said.

Akinyemi added that: “Our parents must be rescued through political education. Though the illiteracy of vast majority of our people are counterproductive at making informed decision. Very disturbing is the illiteracy of our “educated illiterates” which has sustained the role that fake news and propaganda plays in our political decisions”.

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