Apostle Johnson Suleman, the Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, OFM, has revealed 19 things God told him about the year 2019.

Africa News 24 reports that the clergyman made the revelation during the church’s crossover service which took place at the OFM headquarters located at kilometre 132, Benin-Okene-Abuja Express Way in Auchi, Edo state, southern Nigeria on Monday.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals 19 Things God Told Him About 2019
Apostle Johnson Suleman.

This news medium understands that churches all over the country and the world at large celebrate crossover service every December 31st.

At December 31, 2018 crossover service, Apostle Suleman revealed the 19 things God told him about the new year.

19 things God told Apostle Johnson Suleman for 2019…Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals 19 Things God Told Him About 2019

  • You’ll not be stranded.
  • You’ll only shed tears of joy
  • Sickness will be far from you
  • The God you’ve been looking for will start looking for you.
  • When you call one helper, 100 will answer.
  • Greatness will follow you naturally
  • No bad news from any source
  • You’ll not bury your loved ones
  • Enemies pursuing you shall miss their target.
  • All your projects shall be completed this year.
  • You won’t have enough space because of too much blessings.
  • You will understand God’s word like never before.
  • Angels will attend to you in the 365 days
  • Your prayer life will not go down again
  • You will magnet money
  • Your new name shall be too much favour
  • The church shall feel your impact positivity
  • Your nation shall not experience war this year
  • Peace and goodness shall envelop you and your family.