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The Name ‘Jesus’ Does Not Exist, Daddy Freeze Insists




The Name ‘Jesus’ Does Not Exist, Daddy Freeze Insists

Controversial on-air personality and founder of Free the Sheeple Movement Daddy Freeze, says the name Jesus does not exist.

Africa News 24 reports that the OAP had alleged that 99% of what pastors teach is false, saying there is no such thing as ”Jesus.”

Daddy Freeze added that the word “Jesus” has no meaning and was invented by manipulators who aligned his birthday with Nimrod’s and the pagan ‘solstice of the sun’.

Following his revelation, the self-acclaimed bible scholar, through his Twitter page, asked to know followers who had started calling “Yahushua”, a name he claims is the original name.

Daddy Freeze: “Start this year meditating on the one true name, of the one true son, of the one true God. The Lord of heavens armies! If you have started calling his true name can I see those hands.”

Displeased by his new campaign against the name “Jesus” as accepted by Christians all over the world, a Twitter user questioned Daddy Freeze, demanding to know why it was possible for deliverance to happen at the mention of the name.

In his response, Daddy Freeze explained that during Jesus’ time on earth, the letter J was not an alphabet, stating that nobody could cast out a demon with a name that never existed.

“The word ‘Jesus’ was invented 400 years ago. In 1611 when king james first translated the Bible, there was no ‘J’ in English and there is no J in Hebrew or Aramaic, the official languages of the Saviour. No one could cast out demons in the Bible with a name that didn’t exist,” he tweeted.

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