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Lekki Pastor Reveals Fresh Details On Leaked Sextape With Tamaratokin




Lekki Pastor Reveals Fresh Details On Leaked Sextape With Tamaratokin

The Presiding Pastor of Zionwealth of Life Assembly in the Lekki area of Lagos State, Apostle Chris Omatsola, has given more insight into his sex tape with Tamaratokoni Okpe, his erstwhile lover.

Apostle Omatsola said: “I met PRINCESS TAMARATOKONI OKPEWHO (aka Toks David) sometime in September 2017 just before the Lekki Toll Gate after Quilox nightclub around 4:40 am.

“I was returning from a vigil in Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria Island, that fateful day. She flagged down my car on the lonely road. She appeared drunk. Because it was dark and I thought it could be dangerous, I stopped and picked her.

“When we got to my house that night, she slept on the couch in the sitting room, while I slept in the bedroom. The following morning after she was sober, I asked what she was doing by that time of the night alone and drunk on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. She started sobbing and shared the sad story of her life, how family financial pressure and bad friends pushed her into this funny lifestyle. I believed every word that came out of her mouth,” he said.

The Lekki pastor who explained that they started a relationship afterwards added that he had to use his links to get her a job, after which she moved in with him in his apartment.

Apostle Omatsola went on to reveal that Princess was a jealous lover and that he had promised to marry her on the condition that she had to change her lifestyle and accepted God sincerely.

His words, “She actually did change because she stopped nightclubbing and smoking, but hide to take alcohol. She started going to church with me as she became my prayer point. We prayed and did fasting together regularly, and I taught her the word of God. At a point, she became almost more fervent as she would wake me up for midnight prayers and morning devotions.”

The Lekki pastor said after Princess’ change, they formalized the relationship as they were meant to meet her mother in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state capital.

Speaking on their sex tapes, Apostle Omatsola said they both had more than 10 sex tapes of themselves on each other’s phone as she enjoyed filming sex, stating how much he trusted her to the point of keeping money in her account.

“Princess and I had more than 10 sex tapes of ourselves on our phones as she enjoys filming sex. I trusted her so much that I kept money in her account. At a time, I kept over N900,000 with her because I thought I was a reckless spender and she was frugal.”

In his conclusion, the Lekki pastor declared he still loves her.

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