Zodwa Wabantu, a South African ‘pantless dancer’, who kicked off an early preparation for her death, bought her coffin while still alive.

Wabantu, who posed for photos shortly after she bought her coffin, disclosed that the coffin is worth 150k.

Taking to her Facebook page, Wabantu wrote: “Death. Society is so Afraid to talk about Death. We all gonna Die,I made a Choice to Purchase my Coffin while alive. Its worth 150k”.

According to Wabantu, she did not want her family to lack the funds to bury her when she’s dead, hence the move.

The South African ‘pantless dancer’ then posted a video of her getting into the casket to see if it’s good and on Wednesday another picture of her in the coffin with the cheeky caption “Silence😴😴😴😴😇❤️🌹🌹🌹😇😇😇 have a beautiful week ahead guys”.

Three months ago, Wabantu was in the headlines after controversially admitting that she “belongs to the people” and not her boyfriend.

“He knows I don’t belong to him, I belong to the People all over the Word. Thank you for always understanding and waiting for me. I love you,” she wrote.