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Lai Mohammed’s Appointment As Minister: Okupe Deserves Award in Fiction Writing



Lai Mohammed's Appointment As Minister: Okupe Deserves Award in Fiction Writing
The attention of the Honourable Minister of Information and Culture,
Alhaji Lai Mohammed has been drawn to a statement issued by the
Special Adviser (Media) to the Director-General of the PDP
Presidential Campaign Council, Dr. Doyin Okupe, in which he
bold-facedly credited Senate President Bukola Saraki with the
appointment of Alhaji Mohammed as Minister.

The entire statement by Dr. Okupe is nothing but fiction writing, for
which he deserves a hall of infamy award (in the fiction writing
segment). Not one of the claims be made in his statement is true.
For the record, Alhaji Lai Mohammed owes his appointment as Minister
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to President Muhammadu Buhari and
no one else. It is therefore laughable that anyone will seek to take
credit for that appointment.
We challenge Dr. Okupe, who concocted the story in question, to make
available to Nigerians any evidence he may have to support his
the assertion that the President sought the permission of Dr. Saraki to
appoint Alhaji Mohammed as Minister.
We understand that Dr. Okupe’s cheap attempt at mud-throwing is
nothing but a proxy fight, rooted deeply in the politics of Kwara
We are aware that Dr. Okupe’s boss is feeling the heat emanating from
the ‘O To Ge’ (enough is enough) movement in Kwara, and that even the
strongest of men will become disoriented and disillusioned at losing
the support of a people who once venerated them to high heavens. But
that is a self-inflicted wound for which Okupe’s boss, an acclaimed slave master has no one but himself to blame.
Alhaji Mohammed is very proud to the lead the ‘O To Ge’ movement that is set to finally bring down the Berlin Wall of political hegemony in
Kwara State and send Dr. Okupe’s boss into political oblivion. That
will also free Dr. Okupe himself from merely being his master’s voice,
so he can fully devote his time to his new-found pastime – fiction
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