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The Chronicle Of Life By Fabian Chineye



An haven of utmost restlessness,Overly chasing incompatible goals,Which could possibly emanate intoConflict....people flapping their handsHelter skelter,just to attain a scaler higher Altitude.
An haven of utmost restlessness,
Overly chasing incompatible goals,
Which could possibly emanate into
Conflict….people flapping their hands
Helter Skelter, just to attain a scaler higher Altitude.
A faction of people gripped in absolute
Forlorn; another in utmost glee.
Different strikes for different folks,
Spiteful actions in a pervasive manner
Yet, laughter in disguise!
An aura plethora of excitement,
Yet, not equitably distributed!
Travail in the part of the masses,
Which soothens the heart of the trampler.
Life has never been fair, but all have been
Working vehemently in the bid to triumph,
Shattered hopes dashed dreams, yet they
Hide under the cloak of pretense!
Supposed well-wishers who believed one
Will stay static gets shocked at the sudden Transmutation;
Forgetting that life is hierarchically built,
And God remains overly supreme!
The resilient will enjoy the latter no matter the batter…
I am an impact maker…
I am an achiever…
I am a goal getter…
I am a pacesetter…
Together in unison, we will effect a resounding change.
: *✍Don_Fabian*
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