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Nollywood Actress Reveals Who She Would Love To Have A Movie Sex Role With



Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Alexander Ofurhie has revealed in a recent interview that she would love to have a sex role with popular actor Alex Ekubo.

Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Alexander Ofurhie has revealed in a recent interview that she would love to have a sex role with popular actor Alex Ekubo.

Beautiful, determined and talented, the mass communication graduate of ISFOP, University Of Benin Republic is fired up to do battle with the best in the trade.

Here, she talks about her career, love, s*x and much more.

Why Did You Choose Acting?

I didn’t choose acting rather acting chose me, I have always had a passion for stage performance way back at primary school days till now. I just know have all it takes to be a success in the craft.

When Exactly Did You Start And How Many Movies Have Done To Date?

Like I said, I have been acting right from childhood, but officially took it as a career January 2018 and have been in different movies like ‘Salt, Woman King, Queen Rebecca, Royal Ambition amongst others …

How Many Lead Roles Have You Taken And Have You Produced A Film Of Your Own?

I have not played any lead role yet but I’m seriously working towards it, just watch out!!!!.

What Will You Change When You Eventually Succeed As An Actor?

Well!!!!! I sure will change a lot one thing for sure is, I will change the perception that women who act especially sex roles are prostitutes.

What Can You Say About Nudity In The Nollywood Industry In Relation To Our Culture?

(Laughs) well, I believe the way people appear is their decision and business, so I can’t judge anyone on that.

Fast rising nollywood actress, Alexander Ofurhie

What Is Your Take In Sexing One’s Way To Stardom, Like Others?

Who are others? Every individual, celebrity you see today worked so hard to get to where they are today, I am also toeing that way for stardom and I know God has got my back.

How Do You Manage Competition And Jealousy In The Industry?

I’m not in a competition with anyone, I do me and I focus on how to better myself. I don’t try to be like anyone. Even when such matters arise, the best thing to do is to ignore it and be you. Of course such have come my way, if no one is jealous of you it means you not doing well enough, greatness comes with jealousy.

As A Beautiful Woman, How Do You Handle Male Advances?

It’s a matter of yes or no, no one can force anything on me. I appreciate people who come to me. It is something some women desire and never see. Even if I can’t date you, I would rather take you as a friend instead of ignoring you or being rude. I’m not rude except you act awkward and I don’t look down on guys who come to me.

Have You Ever Dated An Actor?



I want no distraction at all.

So, You Don’t Need A Man In Your Life Right Now?

I need a man no doubt but I don’t want to put that in my head right now and forget other things. Not ready for heartbreaks right now.

What’s More Important To You In A Relationship; Love, Sex Or Money?

All of the above are important but money comes first, no lies because, without money to maintain love it can become sour, everyone likes good things.

Which Male Actor Will You Like To Play Sex Role With If Asked To Choose?

😂😂😂😂 well, I would go for Alex Ekubo






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