Nigeria and the people living in the country have been enjoined to learn how to walk as a unit so that the immense endowment the nation is blessed with would transform to all-round development.

This admonition was given by the Founder/General Overseer, The Pillar Of Truth Spiritual Church, Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S), Meiran, Lagos, Prophet Omoniyi Ebenezer Akindele, in his welcome address during the anniversary of the Aaron Band tagged “Walk in one unit” recently.

Prophet Akindele, who noted that inability to walk as a unit could be divided into different ways, said “If Nigeria walks as a unit, we won’t have these problems facing the people in the country. Lack of walking as a unit is the reason our leaders are not leading us well.

“United Nations of America (USA) is so named because they walk as one unit. But because Nigeria is not walking as a unit is the reason why our leaders are stealing from the treasury and cart same to USA, Switzerland, others for safe keeping. If Nigeria walks as a unit, we won’t experience hunger, insecurity and desperation to acquire wealth as we see today all over the country”

The Ekiti State-born man of God added that a man of God that buys private jet and builds mansions abroad with proceeding of offerings from pepper, onions and locust beans sellers is not walking as a unit with the ordinance of God.

“The Bible says that we come to this world with nothing and we will leave after our sojourn on earth with nothing. Life is vanity upon vanity. Because the politicians and even the monarchs are not walking as a unit, the evil spirit of chaos, pollution and disunity take on the nation.”

Prophet Akindele also told the Aaron Band, who marked their third anniversary amidst songs and dance, that “The Aaron Band must walk as a unit. The day you deviate from this spirit of walking as a unit, the spirit of God will depart from you. The calling of the Aaron Band (who are the spiritual watchdog of the church) isn’t the same with that of the prophet, and that you are a prophet doesn’t mean a call to be a founder. Spirit of God borrowed your bodies to deliver his message to the church and if you allow pride to overtake the spiritual responsibility, the gift will also leave you.”

Preacher of the day, Prophet Olasunkanmi Fadeyi, asked all the men of God present “What kind of fruit are you as a prophet? If you turn the spirit of God against the people you are called to bring to salvation, you will be judged.

Humility must remain your watchword. “Nowadays, prophets are very arrogant and boastful. Be mindful of the kind of prophecy you give to people. When a prophet tells a wife that your husband is responsible for your travail: is that what you are sent to do in the ministry?”

Prophet Fadeyi, who also bagged the award as the Spiritual Father of the Aaron Band at the event, added “The spirit of God remains like the days of old. A prophet that envies may not excel but must be humble. Prophets and prophetesses are spectacular people. God who gives can take it back. Prophet may conspire and say this thing that was said by God will not be given to the person concerned; spiritual gift raises prophets,” as he enjoined the Aaron Band to be very careful in their spiritual dealings.

“To be fruitful you have to be in partnership with God. Whatever you plant is what you will reap. If you stand on your call, God will surprise you with gifts,” Prophet Fadeyi said.

The event also witnessed the award on Mr Sanni Wahab Ayoola as the Father of the Aaron Band of the church. Prophet Ayodele, popularly known as Alujo Jesu, was on the standby with his music ministration.