……Partnership To Enhance Competency In The State Says DG

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), United Kingdom, is partnering with the Lagos State Safety Commission (LSSC) in the delivery of first-class training in Health and Safety.

Africa News24 (AN24) reports the partnership will seek to strengthen the relationship and build capacity of significant number of practitioners, Managers, Graduates and more from any discipline in IOSH courses to become esteemed members of the institution and boost the economy.

Speaking on the partnership, Alan Stevens, IOSH, Head of Global Engagement & Partnerships, said, ” IOSH is the largest health and safety body in the world, has a very clear strategy through 2020 and beyond which is focused on collaboration to enhance and influence professionals globally. We are keen to share best practice and learn from other best practice so everyone goes home safely. we are here also because we respect and admire the vision and determination of Hon. Hakeem Dickson and the Lagos state safety commission and we are determined to support in every way we possibly can to ensure that the vision becomes reality.”

Stevens added that “Everyone would benefit because everybody goes to work and needs to go home safe and healthy. It’s in everybody’s benefit to have a safe and healthy workplace so all the citizens of Lagos state and beyond across Nigeria would benefit. Its a tremendous cost to the society when people get sick or hurt from work; so reducing or removing that cost from society either to individual families or to the insurer or society, in general, would give Nigeria a competitive advantage in a globally challenging environment that we face and this would make Lagos Nigeria standout as unique, to have taken occupational safety and health such seriously and with such commitment. This I believe will attract investors and business to come here because their brand is on the line too when accident or sickness happen in the workplace.”

In the same vein, the Director-General, Lagos State Safety Commission, Hon. Hakeem Dickson believed that the partnership will bridge the gap between occupational health and safety by providing tools to enhance competency within the state.

He said, “Lagos state in the past two-three years since I have taken over office, we have made every effort to promote occupational health and safety, to give it positive enlightenment within the state and that’s why we are ensuring that there is the right capacity to ensure competency within the state. One of the major challenge weve had from the last three to four years is that we dont have adequate or the right competency level required in the state or to push health and safety to were we want it to be from its embryonic state to a more matured level and so at such we have decided to bridge that gap by providing tools to enhance competency within the state hence that’s why we collaborated with IOSH. I will be completing my tenure at some point and I want to make sure that I leave a legacy behind, that the next or my predecessor can actually run with and continue”

AN24 understands the partnership will seek to explore partnering with different investors who would provide a level of funding where it can make funding available to people who require so it can offer subside rate as well for people who are struggling to afford such cost.