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MBA Forex: The Path To Financial Freedom



MBA Forex: The Path To Financial Freedom

Forex Trade Is Not A Scam Says Maxwell Odu

Financial freedom, a concept alien in this part of the world, often perceived as a myth to most Africans, is what separates the wealthy from the impoverished.

The gateway to achieving the much desired financial freedom is through passive income – an earning resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.

MBA FOREX Limited, operators of MBA FOREX Institute, is one of its kind, solely owned by young Nigerian entrepreneurs is bridging the financial gap across the various divides.

MBA FOREX Limited in partnership with the brokerage firm, Fintec Global Markets, a UK regulated broker, provides a one-stop platform for all FOREX requirements. With over 300 plus investors from diverse fields and over 340 trained personnel, 100 percent satisfaction is the least feedback.

With a minimum of 15 percent monthly return on investment within a period of 6 months, investors can live their dreams while capital is returned at the end of each contract.

With a team of highly trained professional traders whose mission is to empower individuals to be more profitable in the investment market, MBA Forex remains the route to financial breakthrough, smashing the line between wealth and poverty.

Contrary to speculations that forex trade is a scam, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MBA Forex Institute Limited, Mr. Maxwell Weli Odu has said that forex is a profitable venture.

Odu also admonished Nigerians to always investigate the profile of any Forex trader before venturing into the business.

In his chat with Africa News24 (AN24) at the just concluded ‘FromBare2Blue’ Odu acknowledging the positive contributions the company had made in the lives of Nigerian Forex traders.

MBA Forex, Odu said, trades at 5.4 US Dollars every day, thereby bringing financial freedom to its customers.

Describing Forex trade as a volatile market, Odu urged the would-be Forex trader to always investigate the profile of any Forex company before venturing into the business.

According to him, MBA Forex is geared at bringing financial stability to Nigerians as the company trains and educate youths on the importance of the market.

“MBA Forex is geared to better the lives of average Nigerians by empowering them with adequate knowledge on Forex trading.

“This is our own corporate social responsibility that our financial institution gives out to the public”, he said.

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