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OPay Launches ‘OBus’, A Public Bus Hailing Service



OPay over the weekend launched OBus, a bus hailing service, in Lagos.

In its plan to become a multi-service commercial internet platform, OPay which started as a mobile payments platform in 2016, has within the past months added motorcycle hailing, personal loans, food delivery and tricycle hailing to its list of services.

Africa News24 (AN24) understands OBus, like ORide and OTrike, is a commuter transit service that operates using branded hummer buses for intrastate trips within Lagos.

It has since inception been incorporated into the OPay app where ride orders can be made. To access the OBus service, you will need to update your OPay app. Currently in beta testing, it only operates along the CMS-Ikeja routes.

Updated Opay app with OBus beta activated
“OBus is like normal buses but it is more comfortable and supports cashless payments,” an OPay staff identified as Emmanuel told newsmen.

OBus trip fare payments are made using an OBus Card. It is a QR-enabled card that comes in different denominations — as low as ₦200 ($0.55) and as high as ₦2000 ($5.51). Cards are purchased from OPay agents at different designated bus stops.

To make payment, cards are placed over a sensor reader inside the bus. The sensor then reads the ticket barcode which was generated through the mobile app before the trip and withdrawal will be made immediately.

An OBus Card can be used for multiple trips until the credit is exhausted. Alternatively, payments can also be made through the OPay wallet, as with other OPay services.

Regards how the company is soaring high Emmanuel said;“I admit that OPay is moving very fast. However, I believe we will learn from experience, just like Gokada which is having its share of challenges already.”

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