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South Africa: What Atiku, Fani Kayode, Others Said About Xenophobic Attacks Against Nigerians



South Africa: What Atiku, Fani Kayode Said About Xenophobic Attacks Against Nigerians

Recall that the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians by South Africans took another deadly dimension as properties including cars, shops, and some other valuable items were reported set on fire during a fresh attack.

It is understood that the South Africans allegedly attacked the Nigerian embassy as well.

As a result of the renewed attacks, Africa News24 (an24) gathered some Nigerians and other foreigners have sought refuge in the bushes until the situation calms down.

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Reacting in a post on their Twitter page, Atiku Abubakar, Fani-Kayode, Omoni Oboli and Stella Damasus  have stated that South Africans needed to be taught a lesson over the bloodletting and persecution of Nigerians.

Fani Kayode wrote: “This is good news. South Africa has crossed the line.They treat our people like filth and kill them for sport.We MUST hit them with ALL we have got,including sanctions on South African companies.

“They deserve to be taught a lesson and given a bloody nose. South African government should take note!

“Nothing angers me more than the way in which Nigerians are being subjected to mass murder and persecution in South Africa.

“The people and @GovernmentZA will pay heavily for every drop of Nigerian blood that they have spilt. We have long memories. Sooner or later we will retaliate.”

Atiku tweeted: “The attacks and killings have since stirred reactions from well-meaning Nigerians calling on the government to take drastic measures against South African government.

“Reported attacks against Nigerians in South Africa is unacceptable and stands condemned.

“Urgent steps need to be taken with the SA authorities and the African Union to bring an end to this ill wind that can only end up destroying the fabric of our African brotherhood.”

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