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RCC Suspends Road Construction At Ogere



RCC supends road construction at Ogere

RCC supends road construction at Ogere

The Director of the Federal Highways, South West, Mr Funsho Adebiyi has lamented that the activities of the truck drivers have made the reconstruction of some sections of the road almost impossible to carry out.

He made this known while addressing  stakeholders including truck owners/drivers’ associations, law enforcement agencies and traditional rulers on Monday.

Adebiyi also ordered truck drivers to either relocate or move backwards by at least 50 metres from the Ogere construction zone.

“RCC had suspended work around Ogere due to the presence of articulated vehicles parked illegally on the highway.

“We started work from Ibadan and got to Ogere and your trucks are parked there. We had to suspend work but the truck drivers are there illegally,” he complained.

Adebiyi further stated that Federal Government believes that appeal would be more effective than applying force.

“The Federal Government can use force but it is better for us to relate as brothers to ease the process” he added.

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