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Nigerian Ladies Allegedly Pay For Bolt Rides With Sex




A Twitter user @Ifeomatess has alleged that ladies now use sexual offers to pay drivers of the ride-hailing app, Bolt, formerly known as Taxify.

In a series of tweets, she stated that about four Bolt drivers confirmed the allegations. She added that these acts usually occur on Friday nights.

Girls out here paying taxify drivers with Blow jobs. Aiye le o.”

“About 4 taxify guys confirmed it. Not only Blow jobs, full blown sex for free rides.”

“Like! These guys said they love Friday nights cos of the club runs, some girls pay with their body,” she tweeted.

AN24 reached out to a driver with the ride-hailing app who confirmed the allegations under the cloak of anonymity.

“It is true. You can’t use my name because it might spell doom for me as we are supposed to protect our clients’ privacy, no matter what happens,” he said.

He stated that it has been going on for long and that most of the drivers engage in the act.

“I get those offers almost everytime especially on the Island but I cannot engage in it. Not only because it is immoral but the fact that I have a target to meet up with. I got this car through hire purchase and I have a weekly target. How do I meet up with that when I let some ladies deceive me with such acts? ” He added.

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