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It Is Better To Be A Second Wife Than Die Old And Single — Actress Sylvia Ukaatu Defends Her Controversial Post



Nollywood actress, Sylvia Ukaatu has reiterated her stance on women being incomplete without men and marriage.

Ukaatu made headlines on Sunday with her now viral post on Instagram where she wrote:

“We are not complete without a man, get yourself a shield over you even if it takes being someone’s 2nd, 3rd women be married. For the records, we all are not destined to be someone’s first… Don’t be deceived on HOPE until time eludes you,” she posted.

In a chat with AN24, the actress said that her opinion remains the same and she does not care about the public’s reaction because the truth is bitter.

“My previous post attracting lots of negative comments is not a bad thing, neither am I pained about their snide comments about me. The fact remains that not everyone would agree with my opinion. I have stated it and I don’t care how people feel about it.

“Besides, I didn’t tag anyone on the post. It was meant for my timeline so I can’t fathom why people are having sleepless nights over it. Most of those reacting negatively find it hard to accept the truth.

“Instead of flying different countries with another woman’s husband to catch trips and all, why not be his second wife instead? I still think it is better to be a second wife than die old and single,” she stated.

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