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Civil Society Organisations Berate Senate Over Release Of 10Bn To Kogi, Anti Hate Speech Bill



The Campaign for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (CCHR) and The Coalition Against Cotruption and Bad Governance (CACOBAG) have expressed concerns over the release of ten billion naira two days before the Kogi Gubernatorial elections.

They also berated the senate over the Anti Hate Speech Bill currently undergoing the legislative process.

In a joint statement released by the groups, they questioned the Senate’s approval of N10b for Kogi state and added that the fight against Corruption is being threatened regardless of the efforts of EFCC and ICPC.

“How do we get good governance in this country?

This act of the senate has further proven us right that Lawan led senate and Gbajabiamila led House of Reps may just be rubber stamp legislative houses. No doubt, we have been vindicated.

“Our Constitution in Section 15 (5) equates abuse of office with Corruption. This means by extension,abuse of office is also a form of Corruption.

“Why the approval of ten billion naira to Kogi State now ? We are optimistic, the said money will be released to the state instantly.

“It’s not an overstatement that the present government and APC may eventually murder this democracy.

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“How do one expect a legislative house that forfeits its independence to the executive to perform its oversight function?

“A senate that has no concern for the welfare and feeling of Nigerians , that does not bother to debate or investigate the link between a minister and Al Qaeda and by extension Boko Haram, that does not debate how to truly conquer acts of terrorism in Nigeria, that treats disobedience of court order by executive with levity but occupied itself with how to hang and murder Nigerians through ” hate speech commission”
“As much as we at CCHR and CACOBAG detest capital punishment except in matters like murder , armed robbery, terrorism etc. We would have expected the senate to raise the issue of death sentence for corrupt elements , kidnappers , election riggers, Boko Haram members etc.,though we would still oppose it but for the senate not to think of anything other than death for Nigerians because of “hate speech” is shocking and an embarrassment to us as a people.

“We wonder if the senate is conversant with the Iaws? Are the senators saying we don’t have adequate provisions in the our statutory books to take care of hate speech ?

“The senate should stop threatening us with death .They should be reminded that this life is ephemeral, everybody including the senators will die one day.

“Many of them took cover everywhere while we were on the streets in the day and at night to have democracy.

“To us at CACOBAG, nobody can gag Nigerians from speaking against any bad policy of the government and condemning those involved,” the statement read in part.

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