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South African Artistes Kick Against Burna Boy’s Inclusion In The Africans Unite Concert



The South African Department of Culture has distanced itself from the Africans Unite concert to be headlined by Nigeria’s Burna Boy on November 23 and 24, 2019.

This is in the wake of the outcry by a group of South African musicians called the Tshwane Collective, against the inclusion of Burna Boy in the concert meant to be a response to the xenophobic attacks carried out on other Africans by SA citizens.

The group in a petition sent to the ministry, accused the African Giant of inciting hatred against South Africa during the xenophobic attacks.

“Whoever may have deemed that the country needs a PR exercise of this nature would have done so largely as a result of the callous, misleading and unwarranted incitement by this very artist. Not only did he spread falsehoods through his extensive platform, he literally incited violence and hate.

“He further promised to inflict his own violence on locals before giving your government an ultimatum which you seem to have received and succumbed to”, the letter read.

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