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Lady Warns Parents On Dangers Of Allowing Strangers Into Homes



A young man identified as Tochukwu Ede has been apprehended by the police for stealing valuables from the house of his client.

In a video that has gone viral, the English tutor who was hired by the unnamed client was caught on a hidden camera rummaging through a bag belonging to the client that was kept on a sofa in the living room.

“Parents, be alert on the dangers of bringing lesson teachers home. So my sister hired this lesson teacher to coach her son after classes and boom, things started going missing from her bag on a daily.

“At first, she was confused, thinking she had issues remembering what she spent and what she had left. But on a particular day, having gone to the ATM and straight home without buying anything, her cash still went missing.

“It became obvious something was fishy so she decided to set up a camera and this was what she got. By the time he was apprehended, we found out he had not only been stealing money but also items like phones, bracelets, wrist watches and several other items which were for sale and kept in a large shelf in the sitting room,” sister to the victim revealed.

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