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Behold One-Track Wonders Of The Nigerian Music Industry



Daniel Ojukwu

The Nigerian Music Industry has proven to be a deep sea where only the persistent and daring can thrive. With entertainment contributing largely to the Gross Domestic Product of Nations nowadays, the lure of the financial benefits alongside the fame it brings, has forced a lot of people into music. Many have turned out fine. But we now take a look at promising acts who left much to be expected after one major song, but have since then failed to live up to the hype. In no particular order, here are Nigeria’s top 12 one-track wonders:

Mr Real

2017 was the year that saw many street acts gain recognition and airplay, thanks to the contagious Shaku Shaku trend. One of the more popular songs associated with the dance was legbegbe by none other than Mr. Real. The problem, however, has been with maintaining the momentum and evolving with the times. As his name gradually slips out of the minds of music enthusiasts, he is more remembered as the legbegbe singer, rather than just an artiste.

TY Bello

One may be forgiven for forgetting that TY Bello used to be an artiste. Now more popular for her photography and activism, waving a magic wand and turning a bread seller into a model overnight, things never really hit an upward swing for the lady who made us believe that the land is ‘green’. It is yet to be known if she will hit the studio with another potential rave of the moment song.

Soul E

It’s been well over a decade since this act released his one acclaimed song, but what puts him on this list is the fact that his song announced his presence in the Nigerian music industry and promised that he was here to stay. Soul E baba dey here was the jam of 2006 which got everyone singing along, but it’s long over due for him to tell us what he came here for.


Arguably the biggest of all one-hit wonders, Kas stormed the music industry with a swagger and appeal that stole hearts and left other artistes chasing shadows at the time. Fimile was not just a hit but a big bang announcement of his presence. It was so big that he had to get D’Banj and 2Face on it for a remix. Today, all that’s left of Kas is the good old memories.


G-Worldwide signee, Sugarboy is one major proof that lightning does not strike in the same place twice. Following success of the record label in promoting Kizz Daniel, it tried the same with Sugarboy. It did look like it would turn out fine after his 2016 party jam Hola Hola but it has been a downward slope ever since for both artiste and record label. It’s safe to say that while Sugarboy’s one hit was Hola Hola, G-Worldwide can count Kizz Daniel as its equivalent.


In a society that was beginning to publicly embrace partying and drinking, Bigiano saw a market that he could penetrate. 2008’s Shayo had nothing but party vibes and the promise of more booze, perfect ingredients for a one-hit that would never get a follow up. This song was so big that if you were a DJ in 2008/09 who didn’t have this song in your deck, you would probably have to apologize at every gig you played at. Bigi did announce a comeback in 2013 but it was never to be.


United States based Nigerian act, Ayojay is a one-track wonder many hate to give up on. The clearly talented singer released his single, Your Number, featuring Chris Brown, and got the whole country talking. Many had imagined that it would be the first of many, but it happened to be the first and last. Is a comeback still in the offing for this kid, or would he be just fine on this list of wishes that never came true?


One would say it was a slow and steady rise for the Chocolate City signee, steady up until he decided to declare Kolewerk on everything working fine though. Koker had begun his career with some features here and there but after his major hit song which later became a street slang, there have been no new meals off his kitchen. Koker continues to push though, with attempts after attempts, but nothing seems to be able to add the required yeast to his career.

Olu Maintain

If we were to rank the top 20 biggest songs in Nigerian Hip-Hop history, it would certainly count as an offence to not include Olu Maintain’s Yahoozee. When music videos lacked glamour and swag which is now the order of today, Olu Maintain was able to showcase exquisite cars and stunning vixens while dominating the dance floor with his intoxicating dance steps. Unfortunately, with multiple attempts to recreate the same magic, it has been one failed investment after the other.


What’s not to love about a beautiful young lady singing about baby talk? When Jodie sang Kuchi Kuchi, we were singing with the joy that was both romantic and therapeutic at the same time. The only issues now are, where has Jodie, and what has she done with her career? Is she waiting for another inspiration from a baby or has her career hit its brickwall?

Korede Bello

Mix a great gospel pop with a handsome face and some jerry curls, and you’ll easily have yourself the right recipe for an international one-hit wonder. When Mavin Records introduced Korede Bello to Nigerians, ‘Bellovers’ began to spring up in every corner as his sonorous voice was trying to catch up with winning as many fans as his looks had won. With both young and old dancing to it in religious and secular engagements alike, it was certainly one of the biggest songs of its time. Could there be a revival of some sorts in the offing, or has Rema’s bloom killed Korede’s?


Another disappointing product of the Mavin Records label, Di’ja dropped a track that was beautiful from its opening to the last second of its length. Aww was easily on repeat as it had the romantic appeal to tingle the ears of any lover of good music. With such lofty heights already attained, it was only a better track that could have kept her relevant; suffice to say, none of her follow-up tracks have been anything close.

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