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Nigerians Berate Buhari For The Re-arrest Of Sowore, Bakare



Tobi Adebayo

Nigerians have condemned President Muhammadu Buhari and the Department of State Services for the re-arrest of #RevolutionNow convener, Omoyele Sowore and his co-defendant, Adebayo Bakare.

DSS operatives had stormed into the courtroom, chased out lawyers, attacked journalists and proceeded to re-arrest Sowore for allegedly breaking one of the bail conditions.

Human rights lawyer, Wahab Shittu said “We practice a democratic system of government in Nigeria. The government has the right to prosecute anyone found wanting but must follow the due process in the court of law.

“The violence that erupted in court today and the way Sowore was treated by the DSS is uncalled for.”

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Taking to their Twitter handles, other prominient Nigerians expressed disappointment at the Gestapo style arrest of the former presidential candidate

Omojuwa tweeted: “In the absence of the rule of law, those in power may have power, like every citizen, they are not free either. That’s the state the DSS dragged Nigeria into today. A court said Sowore be released within 24 hours, the DSS pretended to do so, then,drug cartel style,rearrested him!

Nedu Ekele tweeted: “I’m having goosebumps watching that video.


Have you @ProfOsinbajo seen the video of how DSS abducted Sowore in an open court? Before a sitting judge?

If @MBuhari is unaware of the implication of that action, are you, dear professor of Law, also unaware?”

Kayode Ogundamisi tweeted: “Attempts by the DSS to re arrest @YeleSowore and Bakare in court is counterproductive and ill advised, it appears all the DSS want is to keep both Sowore and Bakare in perpetuity. @NGRPresident @MBuhari & @ProfOsinbajo should lisen to wise counsel. Directt he DSS to obey the law.”

Honourable Akin Alabi tweeted: “The DSS will have to explain why Sowore was rearrested. And the reason has to be HUGE. We just debated on the floor yesterday about separation of powers but this is a desecration of the judiciary. No matter whose side you are on, this cannot be right in anyway.”

Oby Ezekwesili tweeted: “President @MBuhari, the whole world is watching the video of officials of the State Security Service which you directly supervise, brutally violate the constitutional rights of a citizen @YeleSowore inside a court and desecrated our Judiciary- an independent arm of government.

“I urge my fellow citizens who are reasonable enough to know that today’s episode amounts to full aggression against the Judiciary by the Executive arm of @MBuhari and portends an extremely dangerous development. We must all stand to defend our hard-won Democracy. We must.”

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