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Our Joys And Pains –Women With Huge Breasts




A woman with huge breasts

Tobi Adebayo

Women with larger than normal sensual body parts are usually the centre of attention anywhere they go, but what lies beneath all the attention they enjoy is an underlying pain – the burden of carrying an extra weight. reached out to three ladies from different walks of life with a similar body feature; huge, eye popping breasts. They had a major complaint in common which is back pain.

“My breasts started developing at the age of 9. I grew up in an environment where that was considered a taboo and neighbours urged my parents, particularly my mother, to tie a wrapper to my chest tightly every night to stunt the growth as I would start attracting predators at the fast pace I was developing breasts,” a make up artist, Idara Frank shared her story.

She further said that she was grateful for her parents’ enlightenment as they shunned all forms of advice from friends and relatives and protected her instead.

“My mother taught me how to package myself properly but that wasn’t still enough. The size of my breasts at age 12 made me look more mature than my peers and this made me a center of attention as I usually looked out of place when we went anywhere together.

Women with big breasts

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“Some people have this terrible belief that a little girl with constantly blossoming body parts is already sexually active. People used to say to me, “how is your boyfriend? He is enjoying o”, at age 14. It was embarrassing to say the least but I am grateful for the kind of family I have,” she said.

“Having big breasts is fun until men try to press themselves firmly to my chest when hugging me. I don’t know why they think that is cool to do but I can tell you that it has a feeling of harassment to it,”  Idara Frank lamented.

Now wearing a 42D bra size, Idara says the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and she’s okay with the current size

“It works to my advantage sometimes as I get favours and preferential treatment from men but the downsides are back pain and men wanting to sleep with me at all cost. Sometimes, it feels like my spine wants to leave its position but I use Ibucap and i get relieved. It doesn’t happen everyday though,” she concluded.

A graduate of International Relations, Anthonia Olayemi with size 40DD breasts said men do not believe that she has “something upstairs” until they engage her in conversations.

Women with big breasts

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“The first thing they see are my breasts. It feels objectifying. The most commonly used utterance I hear from men is “ahhh” whenever I walk past a group of them or approach them. Even some women are not left out. I once went to a Local Government Office in Ikeja to get some documents rectified and the woman in charge kept saying “ki lo de? eleyi po( What! Your breasts are so massive).”That felt embarrassing.

“In fact, I was a target for mischievous boys in my class during my university days. One of them passed a note to me that contained some words that looked harmless but upon closer inspection, I saw that he stressed on the word “Omu”, which means breasts in Yoruba He wrote ‘cOMUnity, cOMUnion’. He spelt them wrongly just to lay emphasis on that word. I saw the humour in it but deep down, It was sort of demeaning,” Anthonia laughed as she recalled.

She also lamented about back pain and her posture, blaming the size of her breasts for making her bent

“I look bent. I am a 5’10. Imagine if I was a short person with these heavy things on my chest, it would have been a disaster. I have occasional back pains but painkillers are effective in tackling that. Then the heat underneath them is also an issue. It is always itchy after a long day,” Anthonia said.

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A staff of a microfinance bank, Blessing Elohor who wears a 40DD bra had similar experiences as Anthonia as she complained about men not “looking beyond her looks”.

“My current lover told me my breasts were the first feature staring at him in the face when we first met. Same with countless other men I have met since I started developing breasts. I have learnt to live with everything that comes with having big breasts, from inappropriate comments to stares.

“I get bothered sometimes but when I weigh the benefits that come with these ‘assets’, I forget my pains for a while. Do you know it is difficult for some big breasted ladies to get their bra sizes? I think someone needs to dabble into solely catering for women like me,” Elohor suggested.

She further said that she tackles her back pain with a back straightening suit she got from Amazon.

Women with big breasts

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“It helps me maintain a good posture as the weight of my breasts makes me bend and causes pains for me. It affects my shoulders sometimes,” Elohor said.

Speaking on the side effects of having large bosoms with, a doctor at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Akinniran Biola said that it could lead to several health issues such as neck pain, arm pain, crippling back, headache and rashes underneath the breasts

“A woman with large breasts could also develop an infection underneath them due to heat. The weight of the breasts may cause serious headache and back ache for such women. It could also affect the sensitivity of their nipples.”

Dr Akinniran advised that women with large breasts should always get their correct bra sizes.

“It will help maintain balance and carriage. Ill-fitting bras will only make things worse. Tight fitted bra straps can cut into their shoulders. It is important to get proper bra sizes, even for women with not so large breasts,” she advised.

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