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Nigerian Youths Are Endangered Specie Under Buhari’s Rule- Ubani



Tobi Adebayo 

Legal practitioner, Monday O. Ubani Esq., has said that the Nigerian youths need stand up to be counted as regards their political and fundamental human rights.

He made the statement while delivering a speech at the NBA Lagos Branch Human Right
Annual Lecture on Tuesday.

The speech read in part: “The truth of the matter is that Nigerian youths have sat down for too long and need to get up, stand up for their rights. The Nigerian youths under the new dispensation are endangered specie, they are buffeted right, left and centre.

“It is either they are arrested and flung into long detention by both States and Federal government authorities or that the government of the day are enacting laws through the legislative assemblies to permanently shut their mouth up in the name of regulating the social media space.

“If you are in doubt about how serious the onslaught has become, the event of last Friday where a youth in the name of Yele Sowore was wrestled to the ground in the court room in the full glare of the world as shown in the social media should get you convinced that a full blown war has been declared against the youth of this country.

“No one is spared, no one is free. The human right community is clearly under heavy watch and threat. For some of us, we are barely being tolerated. I was the guest of Efcc for 23 days recently.

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“While nations that understand the times are electing young ones to take over the running of their countries, Nigeria’s leadership architecture is peopled with old men and women all over.

“Let the youths resist the passage of the Social Media Regulation and the Hate Speech Bills as that will really curtail their freedom of expression over the governance of the country.

“They must also insist that the government of the day at the executive level should and must respect other arms of government and must not desecrate our institutions like the judiciary as that will otherwise destroy the very fabric of the country.”

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